the Custom Shop

Start with a Base Model

One of our favorite things to do is work directly with a client to develop a design that is perfect for them.  This is something you won't get from a dealership.  They'll offer you the standard floorpan or the standard package or something else like that.  We can start with a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and create something perfect just for you.


Choose a base model - Galley or Utility - and go from there.  Make it longer, shorter, taller or skinnier.  We can feed the "glamper" in you or starve the minimalist.  Your choice.  


Want to save some money?  Ask us how.  We know where the cost is in our campers so we know where to make substitutions that will save you the most.

Want to see examples? 

Click on any photo on our website and you'll be seeing an example of a customized camper.  

Ready to get started?

Contact us.  

We will answer all your questions and work to get you the perfect camper.