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Customer Reviews

Here is what fellow outdoor enthusiasts have to say about our tiny campers!


My wife and I bought an S-model teardrop from James and Ron and are very happy with it for a lot of reasons. First, the S is just a really robust durable teardrop. It pulls *real* well --- without looking in the rear view mirror of our Honda Odyssey, I’d never know it was there.  We’ve traveled with this unit all over the U.S., camping in it everywhere from Texas to Maine and including Florida, Georgia, West Virginia, and New York State, and haven’t had a problem with it. It is comfortable, tough, and reliable. Secondly, the guys at Gateway are very capable, reliable, and genuinely want to do the right thing.  Shortly after buying our unit, James learned that one of his suppliers had delivered a wrong part which was subsequently used in our teardrop.  I hadn’t noticed any issues and probably never would have.  Nevertheless James insisted on replacing the part at his own cost.  Finally, this little unit is nice to look at.  I never fail to feel good when I see it attached to my car.  And, we routinely get compliments every where we go, so this isn't just my opinion.  If you are interested in a teardrop, I highly recommend the guys at Gateway.    - John S. in South Carolina


Who Else Does That?

"My wife and I came across Gateway Campers in our search for a teardrop camper in 2020.  After speaking with James and Ron we knew that Gateway is where we would be purchasing from.  Their lead times were shorter than most, they had the experience along with very positive customer reviews, and the price was right.  They even offered to customize our camper as well.  I later found out that this is their normal process, customizing campers to the customer’s own wants and needs.  Who else does that?   I’m a tall guy (6’4”) and I was worried that sleeping in a teardrop would not offer me the room I needed.  They offered to extend the cabin by a foot so I could fit and then even raised the galley hatch up higher so that when opened I would not bang my head on it.  It’s the details like these that really make the difference.  They customized a slide out drawer for our cooler and built a pass-through from the galley into the cabin so that we could still easily grab a late night snack without having to go outside.  James even proposed a few upgrades that he and Ron were working on developing which we were happy to incorporate. The headboard storage unit is a game changer!  The overall sleek look and pleasant appearance made my wife a really happy camper too.  She loves that such a small space can still offer so much storage too.  Their experience not only building these campers, but also using them, ensures that customers are getting a practical, and functional product.  James and Ron were a real pleasure to work with.  The entire process from picking a camper, customizing, payment, and communication during the build could not have been better.  We are beyond happy with the final product and look forward to enjoying our teardrop camper for years to come.  Thank you so much Gateway Tiny Campers.  Happy trails !"      - Geoff and Melanie A. – Bentonville, AR


...the best experience...

We had the best experience with Gateway Teardrops on our custom teardrop camper build.  I initially called and spoke with James because our family was looking for a teardrop for a cross country trip. I had quite a number of restrictions because of the smaller size of our vehicle and I had a long wish list of specifics I wanted from the camper such as wheel size, brakes, custom spare tire mounting, rear receiver, and special interior finishes.  James is a great communicator and quickly got started customizing the perfect camper for our family.  He was always fast to respond and eager to make sure the camper was just right to fit our needs.  He answered all my questions in detail through the process— going above and beyond on many occasions.  


The end result exceeded our expectations.  The build quality and craftsmanship is solid.  It is also one of the best looking teardrops we have seen in our searches— one you would expect to pay thousands more for. We were able to pull this thing across the country through the rockies in the dead of winter, even navigating some pretty extreme weather along the way!  We love the simplicity of the camper-- impressively light weight, solid, and very cool looking.  I would highly recommend them to any of my friends looking for a teardrop.


- DG - Nashville, TN  

How about a video review?


summer is here! let's go camping gateway style.

Finally got to break in the teardrop this weekend! It was absolutely perfect! She was super easy to pull and rode really well behind Black Betty. I had the windows open with the fan going at night and actually got cold. I was a little worried I’d get hot...nope!

Lesleigh Creel, @arkansasadventurer


Even late at night,

setup is a breeze:

One of the fun things about our job is getting to test out our client’s products! We spent this past weekend taking some pictures and taking some time to get away. We got a late start and people were camped where we wanted to go. Once we finally decided on a spot it was well after dark. Luckily, setup is a breeze. We dropped the leveling jacks, threw a mattress inside, and everything was set.



After searching for months, Roger found his dream camper:


I spent months looking for just the right camper, weighing needs/wants/price. Then I decided to see if there was an Arkansas-built camper and found Gateway just a short drive from me.

This camper is awesome. I can tow and park it in places larger campers would never be able to navigate. I've stayed warm in freezing temps, dry in thunderstorms (honestly I slept right through them), and cool on warm nights. Anytime I have had a question or a crazy idea I run it past the brothers, and bless their hearts, they actually entertain them. They and their campers are wonderful.

Roger Jenkins

Bonfire in Sand

Here's what Dottie had to say about her tiny camper:

I just wanted to send you guys a quick email and let you know that we love our teardrop camper. We tested it in the heat, in the cold, and let it sit out in the elements. We have been extremely happy with the performance of the heat and air unit that came with it and most certainly the craftsmanship of the teardrop itself. We have not had any leaks or cracks or anything. You guys were so easy to work with and you didn't even hesitate to build our teardrop in the manner we requested. It is, by far, the best investment we have made.  


Thank you very much!


Dottie S.

green trail.jpg

1 year later: 

Robin + jenith's G Model:

We brought home our Gateway Teardrop Model G just over a year ago (March 2019) and we love it!  We’ve only had the opportunity to take it out twice, aside from driving it home to Kansas from Arkansas – once to Colorado in late June with our granddaughter, and a cooler season excursion to Wisconsin in October.  The teardrop exceeded our expectations both times, was comfortable and cozy.  It’s also very lightweight, so towing it with our Honda CRV is easy.

We had researched teardrop trailers for several months and when we discovered Gateway, it looked like just what we’d been searching for.  From the beginning and throughout the production process, the Albritton brothers were very helpful and professional, offering suggestions and responding with timely answers to our questions.  The result was our sweet little green tiny camper, custom-built for just our wants and needs.  And the price was right!


We highly recommend Gateway Tiny Teardrops for big adventures!

Robin and Jenith H. in Kansas

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