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Gateway Teardrops

Tiny Campers for Big Adventures

That's our thing.  

If you want a well-built, good looking camper that meets your outdoor adventure needs and leaves you with enough money to actually enjoy it, contact us.  Our basic designs and the popular upgrades we offer allow you to customize your camper without destroying your budget.     

About Us

The Two Brothers of Gateway Teardrops



How Our Big Adventure Began

Vintage Compass

The name Gateway Teardrops comes from the tiny town of Gateway, Arkansas, where our mother grew up.  We remember spending vacations there; playing in the gravel pile in front of Pawpaw’s old shop building. Pawpaw was a chair maker who had moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas sometime before 1900 in a covered wagon.  We always thought that was a cool story, and now we are pretty sure their journey would have been more comfortable in one of our campers.


Camper Models

the Galley 

is a well-appointed teardrop model with lots of features included. 

                                                        is a square back model that comes with a wide door in back.  It's a blank slate that can have a variety of cool features added.

the Utility

                                                                                                            Taller,  longer, shorter, skinnier;  we can start with a Galley Model or a Utility Model and totally customize it from there.    

the Custom Shop

the Galley


starting at $9,995*

The updated Galley Model has a curvy new shape up front and has been lengthened to nine feet for the standard base model.  The curvy front lets us include a headboard with storage without sacrificing any floor space.  Now you’ve got a convenient place for your eyeglasses, alarm clock (nah, just kidding), or your cell phone.


Extending the Galley to nine feet means more interior space and more galley storage.  Go ahead and slide that premium ice chest under the stainless steel countertop and use the new cabinets above the counter for snacks and goodies.  There’s plenty of room.  

the Utility


starting at $8,895*

The Utility Model continues to be our most versatile camper. With the square-back shape, there’s a lot more room inside. The back door is wide enough to make this camper useful for a lot more than camping.  Leave the back end wide open and you can haul a couch for your neighbor or let us build in a bunk, a galley, or some shelves.  Contact us and we'll show you some of the options we can do.   

BT3U6191a copy.JPG

    Custom Shop


    The Galley and Utility models are cool little campers.  But, we can make them SUPER COOL in our Custom Shop.  Click through and see how SUPER COOL it can get with a Gateway Teardrops Custom Shop camper.  

* Long lead times, inflationary pressures and supply-chain problems beyond our control may require us to adjust the final price of a camper.  We will do everything within our power to honor the pricing shown at the time of the Scheduling Deposit.  However, if adjustments are necessary, the customer will have the right to cancel the purchase and receive a refund of ALL deposits.  


Come See Us in Conway, Arkansas!
Our new address is 381A U.S. 65 , Conway, AR, 72032

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