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  • James Albritton

Keys to Teardrop Camper Design

Key #1: Make it big enough but not too big.

Key #2: Include everything you'll need but not too much.

Key #3: Make sure it will go everywhere except places you shouldn't go.

Key #4: Be certain the comfort level is just right....

With those simple ideas in mind I have designed the perfect teardrop camper.

I'm also now going to give you directions to the ocean-view campsites in northwest Arkansas' Ozark National Forest.

How big is big enough? It depends.

Should a sink and stove be built-in? It depends.

Should the camper have big knobby tires for extra traction? Uh, no. We are pretty sure it doesn't work that way. Or, maybe...

Should it have an air conditioner or is an exhaust vent enough? Yes.

You see, it's all a little confusing. It depends on what the customer wants - - not what we think is easy to build.

We recently built a camper for someone who had some very specific needs. On the day he picked up his camper I looked back at my email records and saw that this customer had emailed me 70 times during the months leading to the completion of his teardrop. I answered every one of those 70 emails and talked to him on the phone dozens more times and more than a few times responded to a text message. You see, that's the Key to good teardrop camper design.

We love working with customers to get them exactly what they want. When someone calls with a design question we respond back with as many possibilities as we can think of. We love collaborating with our customers on unique solutions to their specific requirements. And when we find something that works great for someone, we include that in our portfolio as a possibility for the next customer.

The real Key to teardrop camper design isn't one-size-fits-all. The real key is a brainstorm. And it happens every time we listen to our customers.

Now, back to work. I've got some emails to answer....

- James

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