Order Process

Note:  Our current lead-time is 16 months.  If you need it quicker stop by and apply for a job.  We could use some more good help!

Step 1.  Contact us to discuss your wish list.  We will work on a design and price perfect for you. 

Step 2.  Send us a $400 non-refundable* Scheduling Deposit to reserve a spot on our schedule.  

Step 3.  Send us a refundable* Construction Deposit of $4,000 when work starts on your camper.  We'll let you know when.

Step 4.  Send us the balance owed one week before completion.  Again, we'll let you know.

Step 5.  Pickup your camper in Conway, Arkansas.

* If you change your mind about the camper after the $4,000 Construction Deposit, we will hold your money until we are able to sell the camper and then we will return all of your funds except the original $400 Scheduling Deposit.

SPECIAL NOTE - Added 10/19/21


Long lead times, inflationary pressures and supply-chain problems beyond our control may require us to adjust the final price of a camper.  We will do everything within our power to honor the pricing shown at the time of the Scheduling Deposit.  However, if adjustments are necessary, the customer will have the right to cancel the purchase and receive a refund of ALL deposits - including the Scheduling Deposit.  This policy applies to purchase agreements made after 10/15/21.