The Two Brothers of Gateway Teardrops




How Our Big Adventure Began

The name Gateway Teardrops comes from the tiny town of Gateway, Arkansas, where our mother grew up.  We remember spending vacations there; playing in the gravel pile in front of Pawpaw’s old shop building. Pawpaw was a chair maker who had moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas sometime before 1900 in a covered wagon.  We always thought that was a cool story, and now we are pretty sure their journey would have been more comfortable in one of our campers.

The Ozark is the newest addition to our tiny camper family. At 5' wide, 10’ long and 5’ tall, larger wheels and increased ground clearance, this is for the adventurer looking for a little extra. Go where no tiny camper has gone before, and when you arrive at your destination, relax on your convertible sofa/bed. That's right! It has enough head room for you to sit on the couch and enjoy a meal. This unit also comes standard with a 12v/110v electrical system, exhaust fan, under bed storage, two sliding windows, rear entry, and even an optional BACK PORCH. If going off-road is not your style, a touring version is also available. Whatever you are into, we are sure this model will make you say O!


the G

The G (Galley) is our standard teardrop model measuring 5’ wide, 8’ long and4’ tall.  If you like camping at state parks or campgrounds that have a few amenities, this camper is for you. Two doors makes the G very accessible and a great place to relax with a book as a breeze blows through the cabin. With an electrical system that comes standard on this model, you will find 12v lights and an exhaust fan inside. There are also 110v plugs located in the interior and galley. Did we say “galley?” Yep! The back of this unit has a hatch that opens to reveal cabinets and a spacious countertop. Hook up to our G and save a few too.

the S

Our S (Sleeper) was designed with the minimalist in mind. It’s the same size as the G but doesn’t have the hatch or the galley in the back.  This no-frills unit is perfect for adventurers who like primitive camping without the hassles associated with a tent. It also works for a road warrior who prefers a rest area over a cheap motel.  Spend your day doing what you want, and then stay cozy and dry as you catch some Zs in our S.

On the U (Utility) you will notice that it looks the same as our traditional teardrops, but it features a squared back. It still has a standard footprint at 5’ wide, 8’ long, and 4’ tall, but it has a little extra headroom for storage in the back. If you like the idea of a small camper, but you are not tied to the teardrop shape, this may be for you. With the option of adding a second door or a rear hatch, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to dream and make it U.

the U

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